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"Steve Webster is an excellent instructor in the Lean and Six Sigma disciplines. His students find him clear and compelling, and our clients add that he is very practical in his approach to the curriculum and projects."
  1. Online Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification
    We train your employees to be able to solve problems! They complete the class with a set of basic tools to improve your business processes and eliminate waste. They work with their fellow students to complete a simulated project where they learn how to think outside the box and improve several business processes. Your students are taught by certified six sigma black belts or master black belts.
  2. Online Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification
    Our lean six sigma black belt course follows the ASQ Body of Knowledge. It gives your employee the tools the need to become a lean mean problem solving machine! They complete a real life project for you organization and deliver real bottom line results. This course meet twice per week online and the student also receives one-on-one mentoring from his certified six sigma master black belt instructor . The course includes quizzes and a final exam for comprehension. We have certified 25 students in the last three years and they have saved over $18 million annually with their first projects. You get an instant payback on your training investment. This is a real good deal. We have had students from all types of businesses include soap makers, food processing, 737 airframe manufacturers, healthcare and higher education. All have been happy they took the class because we offer real world examples of where the tools have been used successfully. No other Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course offers these benefits or personal attention by trained professionals at this price!
  3. Online Lean Enterprise Certification
    This online course which is given twice weeky over 5 weeks, teaches the student the lean enterprise tools that are used to help to eliminate muda or waste in your business processes. The course is full of real life examples from your certified instructor. So they will learn how to use each tools. There is complete interaction between the students and the instructor in this live online class. This a great way to bring the lean tools to your company. There are quizzes and a final exam to test the student for content comprehension. They receive materials they can use in their regular job to implement their new found skills. This is a great investment for the future.
  4. Onsite Lean Enterprise Training and Kaizen Event
    IN this package, the instructor a certified Lean Champion with over 30 years of experience comes to your company site. We train up to 30 people on the lean tools and perform several great experiments that show them the power of lean. We then conduct an actual 3 day kaizen event where we put the tools to use on one of your business processes of your choosing. Not only do your employees get valuable training, the company gets and immediate impact to the bottom line. Call Steve for a quote for this great training package.